Let me set the scene.

My girlfriend and I had just finished a late breakfast at home and were about to settle in (still in our pj’s, mind you) to finish binge-watching Season 6 of Game of Thrones because Season 7 was starting the next day. I decided to do a quick Facebook check before we queued it up and saw a post by another local wedding professional about a couple getting married that day, who were desperately looking for a videographer because the person they hired no-showed. Yes, you read that right. One of the people meant to document their most important day just didn’t show up. No call. No text. No raven. Nothing. It is worth mentioning that this was not this person’s full-time job. This is just one of the risks you run by not hiring a true wedding professional.
Then the internal battle began – continue with my lazy Saturday plans to watch episode after episode of one of the greatest shows of ALL time OR miss out on GoT and possibly get “the stare” from my gf whilst helping out a couple who had been left hanging?
Well, because of context clues and because my gf is so amazing and understanding 😉 , I am sure you guys have guessed that filming this wedding won out.
And the award for most dramatic entrance goes to…ME!
I got from pajamas to Marion, AR. in 48 minutes (yea, don’t tell my girlfriend…).
As I pulled in the parking lot, the wedding party was walking into the church but they held the ceremony for another 5 minutes allowing me to get everything set up.
Usually by this point, I’ve already met the wedding party and filmed everyone hanging out and getting ready, mother-of-the-bride zipping up the dress, maybe even a “first look’ with the happy couple, all of which allows me an opportunity to get to know everyone a little. While this was no normal wedding day for me, the friends and family of the bride & groom might have been the nicest and most accommodating group ever.
After the wedding party made their procession, followed by the bearer and flower girls, I glanced back to see the groom, Jacob, tearing up as Colby, his bride, made her way toward him. It’s these moments that make me love what we do.
Capturing love.

Once the I do’s and wedding party photos were complete, I got a chance to talk to Colby and Jacob and shoot a little bride & groom prep that I missed from earlier in the day.

The footage turned out great and still helped tell the story of their wedding day.
You guys really need to check out the church – Marion Church of Christ. Colby told me about how she would ride by it every morning on her way to school and knew she would one day be married there.
Once photos and my fake prep shots were complete, Jessica (photographer – J.Crowe Photography) and I rushed out to Goodman Oaks Church of Christ to get ready for the reception.
We arrived to a downpour, but that didn’t stop the newlyweds from making a grand entrance in a dynamite late 20’s Cadillac 341B!
All in all, it was a great day. Great couple, great vendors and great venues.
Here’s to wishing Colby & Jacob a wonderful life together!
Watch their Wedding Highlight below: