Pixel Love is a Memphis-based wedding video company providing expert services at economical rates.
After 5 years of filming and editing weddings and events, we’ve learned that not everyone wants all of the bells and whistles, like drone footage, creative shots or editing, and 4K resolution – and that’s why we’re here.

You’ll still get all of the quality, without the hefty price tag.

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Why Pixel Love?

Wedding video is what we do.

We’ve filmed over 150 weddings for couples of various ethnicities, cultures, religions and orientations, and know how to navigate the particulars of a wedding, so that you can have a beautiful video of your day. 

With the availability of technology today, there are more hobbyist videographers than ever before. While there are some incredibly talented hobbyists out there, not a week goes by that we don’t hear about a bride who hired someone (often a friend or family member) who “had a nice camera”, but it turned out that they didn’t know how to use it, didn’t know what to expect on a wedding day, or couldn’t deliver the finished product in a reasonable time. We’ve even been hired on the day of a wedding because the person they originally hired, never showed up! These types of occurrences have become so common that we now refer to it as “Uncle Bob’s Video”. 

Don’t fall victim to an “Uncle Bob”!

Spread the Love!

In order to keep Pixel Love both simple and affordable, we keep our advertising to a minimum and rely a great deal on word of mouth referrals.
So if you’re happy with what you’ve seen from us, please tell your friends!

Looking for the “bells and whistles” (as mentioned above)? Check out our sister-company – Grindstone Wedding Films.